Dear St. Peter Family,

Thank you for being patient with us as we slowly bring the operations of the parish back to normal. In the last three weeks we have witnessed many of you returning to a regular celebration of the Sunday Masses, albeit in the parking lot, and most recently we’ve made the daily Masses available to the public, which allowed many of you to renew and strengthen the sense of the St. Peter’s identity. We also continue to receive messages from those who cannot come, either because of their sickness or because of the risk, and I want to take this opportunity to reassure them that, while they cannot be present with us physically, we unite with them spiritually.

The day has arrived for the return of the Masses back inside St. Peter’s building! We are excited to welcome everyone and pray together as a Parish again. Although we are trying to do everything we can in order to make this return as safe as possible, it is important to remember that at this time everyone is still dispensed by Archbishop Aquila from their Sunday obligation to attend Mass. If you are sick or in any at-risk category we ask you to not come to Mass. You will be safer at home and you will keep others safer as well. In such situations, please continue to join us spiritually by praying or watching our Sunday Masses online.

In order to adhere to the guidelines, set by the Archdiocese, state, county and the Centers for Disease Control, we have decided that the best way to accommodate everyone who desires to participate in the  Sunday Mass, is to celebrate in our Parish Hall.

This is how it will work from this weekend.

  • Attendance is still limited, based on the state and county guidelines for health and safety. If the Parish Hall is full when you arrive, please be ready to come at a different time.
  • Sunday Masses in our Parish Hall will be celebrated at the following times:
    7 AM, 9 AM, 11 AM, 6 PM.
    Please note that some of those are different than our regular Mass times.
  • The entrance to the Parish Hall will be possible through the Hall’s main doors, directly from the parking lot. Please follow the markings and the directions of the ushers.
  • We’re going to be practicing Social Distancing, which means   all seats available will be at a 6 feet distance from each other. Families and especially parents with children are allowed to sit together, but we ask to still maintain the safe distance from others and to return the seats to their original positions before leaving.
  • In order to provide additional safety, everyone will be asked to wear a mask to Mass.
  • At every Mass  the Communion will be distributed to you at your seat. The priest will come up to every person, and even if you’re not ready to receive the Communion, you will receive the blessing instead.
  • Please  use the restroom prior to arriving. In order to limit the risk, we can only allow the restrooms to be used in emergency situations.
  • At this time,  the collection basket will be placed at the entrance to the Parish Hall. We encourage you drop your offertory when you arrive or when you leave, or to continue to use the electronic ways of giving. Please make sure that there is no congregation near the basket.
  • Our Parish Hall will be sanitized after every Mass. Please do not congregate after Mass but leave immediately to your next destination.

This is yet another phase of the reopening of our parish. All changes and more information will be communicated – if needed – via our website, Facebook and Flocknote. Let us continue to praise God and give Him thanks for all He has done for us. Let’s pray that the blessing of the Sacrament of Eucharist strengthens us all in the fight against evil.

God bless you all.