Stewardship is using our faith, time, talent and treasure to build God’s Kingdom.

God invites each of us into His work of Salvation.  It is through stewardship, using our faith, time, talent, and treasure to build God’s Kingdom, that we respond to God’s blessings in a truly Catholic way.

At St. Peter’s we are deeply aware of the truth that “The Lord’s are the earth and its fullness; the world and those who dwell in it” (Psalm 24:1). We know ourselves to be recipients and caretakers of God’s many gifts. We are grateful for what we have received and eager to cultivate our gifts out of love for God and one another.

We are disciples who practice stewardship and recognize God as the origin of life, the giver of freedom, the source of all we have and are and will be.


Monday-Friday  |  12:10pm
Saturday  |  9am, 4pm (anticipatory)
Sunday  |  7am, 8:30am, 10am, 11:30am, 6pm


Wednesday | 11:30am
Saturday | 2:30pm

Confessions are available by appointment – please call the office to schedule.


Tuesdays 12:45pm
(after the daily Mass)
Thursday 5pm

You may enter the adoration chapel through the gathering space when the office is open 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Fatima Movie

Tuesday, July 24th
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

If you’ve not seen the movie on Fatima which reveals the Apparitions of the Blessed Mother to the three children in 1917, we will have a repeat showing of the movie with time for questions and discussion to follow.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Holy Day of Obligation

Tuesday, August 14th

6 PM Anticipatory Mass

Wednesday, August 15th

7 AM Mass
12:10 PM Mass
6:00 PM Mass

Grand Auction Dinner

Saturday, August 18th
6:00 PM in the Parish Hall

Tickets available for purchase the weekend of July 28th and 29th after all the Masses, and then at the office.

$  30 / person
$500 / table sponsor

Return of UNC College Students

First day of classes for UNC Students
Monday, August 20th

6:00 PM Mass on
Sunday, August 19th
Sunday, August 26
will be held at Milne Auditorium, Kepner Hall, UNC Campus

Sacramental Preparation
(Restored Order)

2nd & 3rd Grade

Classes are offered weekly
Sunday Mornings
9:45 am – 11 am

Year 1 of Sacramental Preparation Program
2nd Grade

Salvation History and Reconciliation

Year 2 of Sacramental Preparation Program
3rd Grade

Confirmation and Communion

Classes begin in September.

Sacramental Preparation
(Confirmation and/or Communion)

3rd – 12th Grade

Classes are offered weekly
Sunday Mornings
9:45 am – 11 am

If your child is in need of Confirmation
or both Confirmation and First Holy Communion,
we offer a program for parents who will prepare their children for sacraments at home.

Children in need of Confirmation
Parents attend classes for 1 year

Children in need of Confirmation & Communion

Parents attend classes for 2 years

Classes begin in September.


If your child is in need of Baptism and is over the age of 7 they may be enrolled into our Rite of Christian Initiation for Children.

Parents are required to attend weekly classes with their children.

Children enrolled in RCIA will be prepared for Baptism, Confirmation and their First Holy Communion and learn the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Classes begin in August.


Classes are offered weekly
Sunday Mornings
9:45 am – 11 am

If you are an adult and would like to join the Catholic Church you can enroll into our Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.

This is a 2 year program in which you will be prepared for Baptism (or the profession of Faith), Confirmation and Communion.

  • those who are baptized Catholic but seeking Confirmation and/or Communion
  • Those who are not baptized Catholic (Baptist, Lutheran, Mormon, Methodist, etc.) who would like to be in full communion with the Catholic church and receive Confirmation and First Holy Communion
  • Those who are not baptized but would like to be in full communion with the Catholic church and receive Confirmation and First Holy Communion

Classes begin in August.

Not sure which class is right for you or your family?

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.

Matthew 28:19


For the Glory of God and the Salvation of Souls!

Welcome to St. Peter Catholic Church in Greeley, Colorado. At St. Peter’s we stand with our patron in proclaiming Jesus as the “Messiah, the Son of the living God” (Mt 16:26). We do this by living, preserving, and handing on the riches of the faith given to us by Jesus in the Catholic Church, where we encounter truth, beauty, and goodness.

As pastor, I encourage you to allow the beauty of our church to elevate your soul in the Mass and the Sacraments celebrated here.  I encourage you to drink deeply of the wisdom and truth of Jesus as he is encountered in our faith formation programs.  And I encourage you to experience the goodness found in the members of our family here at St. Peter’s.

Please introduce yourself after Mass or come by our office to meet us.

May the Lord bless you abundantly.

In Christ,

Fr. Jim





Bear Catholic

Bear Catholic

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