Reborn Video 3 – Nurturing the Life of Grace

The Sacrament of Baptism confers both grace and a mission on the new Christian. In the previous two sessions we focused on the importance and effects of that grace (cleansing us from sin and making us children of God), looked at reasons for baptizing infants (to care for their spiritual health by making sure they receive this grace earlier rather than later), and examined how grace is communicated through the prayers and symbols of the Rite of Baptism.

In the grace of Baptism, we are called and empowered to continue the work of Christ.

Name (or both names of couple is completing the class together)(Required)
6. What is going well in your spiritual life? Where could you use some improvement to be the best model and guide for your child / godchild?
8. What can you start doing now to live your baptismal mission more faithfully? What can you begin doing as a family now and in the years to come to teach your child or godchild about his or her priestly, prophetic, and kingly calling?