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Baptism is a necessary part of salvation

New life came by way of water in both creation and the Exodus

Jesus included Baptism in his last instructions to his disciples

Just as parents take care of their child’s physical well-being without the child’s consent, Baptism is an important piece of the child’s spiritual well-being, even if the baby can’t choose it or consent to it.

Baptism cleanses us from the guilt of original sin and frees us from slavery to the power of darkness

Infant Baptism follows the precedent of the Jewish tradition of infant circumcision

Baptism brings us into the family of God

Rite of Baptism

Introductory Rites

Sign of the Cross—victory of Christ

Reception of the child

Liturgy of the Word—evokes a response of faith

Readings and Homily


Invocation of the Saints—the child is welcomed into the whole Church, across time and cultures

Renouncing of Satan/exorcism

Anointing with oil of catechumens—cleansing

Celebration of the Sacrament

Blessing of the Baptismal Water

Renunciation of Sin and Profession of faith—the parents and godparents renew their vows and take on the responsibility of raising the child in the faith

Baptism—pouring of water in the name of the

Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Explanatory Rites

Anointing with chrism of salvation— consecration/dedication and gift of the Holy Spirit; sealed=indelibly marked for God

Clothing with the White Garment—symbolizes pure and unstained souls after Baptism

Lighted Candle—the baptized is now a child of the light

Prayer over ears and mouth, to receive God’s word and proclaim his praise

Conclusion of the Rite

Our Father—shows the newly baptized are now children of God

Blessings for the mother and the father