St. Peter Catholic Church

Sacramental Retreat – Confession, Confirmation and the Eucharist

Sacraments of Initiation – bringing Jesus into the world.

Confession – 10 Commandments Review

45 Minute Lesson

Powerpoint Presentation of the  10 Commandments

  • review what the 10 commandments tell us to do
  • at the same time help the class memorize the commandments by doing the finger activity (printed tables and stickers of the ways to remember the commandments will be in class ready to go)

Online quiz/review of what they learned

  • split into two teams (parents and sponsors vs. kids)
  • each member of the winning team will get a prize (tbd.  either a snack food, a sacramental or a medal)

Confirmation- Gifts of the HS recap and Game

All Groups: read through and discuss the 7 Gifts Powerpoint

Kids Group (Raphael, Therese, Faustina)

  • 7 Gifts Quizziz, first turn of Power Up, Memes, and Timer > then click “Start”
    • Play parents/sponsors v. Kids… 1st group to answer the question correctly gets a point. Keep track of points on board or separate paper.
    • Winning team gets prize

Teens Group (Kolbe, Padre Pio, JPII)

  • 7 Gifts Jeopardy
    • Play Parents/Sponsors v. Students
    • Keep track of points on board or paper
    • Winning team gets prize

Confirmation – Going over the Rite

Note:  for those who are confirmed at the Easter Vigil – the Pastor is the ordinary of the sacrament.

Baptized Catholics are confirmed by the Bishop.

After going over the Rite – Role play the key parts:

1 everyone renewing their baptismal promises

2 form line and have students come up for the anointing
( they need to know their responses: Amen, and with your spirit)

They need to be audible and clear. They should speak and respond like they really want to be confirmed LOL

If there is extra time you may share who you chose as your confirmation saint and why and call on some students to share who they chose and why.

Confession – Examination of Conscience – Walk through

Slowly and prayerfully go through the slides.

Explain that this is how you prepare for confession at home.

Spend time in prayer and silence using handouts from past classes or your books.

(additional handouts available for kids, teens and adults.  Please give them out)

After the examination of conscience, walk through the “dialogue” of the sacrament.

Eucharist – Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Older Kids ( Groups: Maxilimilian Kolbe, Padre Pio, and JPII)

  • Powerpoint for Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
  • Activity of writing prayers and bringing them to the “altar” as offering at the end of the powerpoint
  • The Veil Removed video

Younger kids (Groups: Faustina, Therese, and Raphael)

  • Passover Activity
  • Activity of prayers and bringing them to the altar at the end of powerpoint (NOT ENTIRE POWERPOINT)
  • The Veil Removed Video

Eucharist – Eucharistic Miracles

Let the students know that we will be going through a website catalog of Eucharistic Miracles from all over the world put together by Carlo Acutis.  Carlo was an English born Italian Catholic and amateur computer programmer.  He died at the age of 15 in 2006 from leukemia.

He is a venerable and patron of the internet!

Begin in Poland, Sokółka 2008.  Pass around photo taken by my Godmother so they can see a photo of the Eucharistic miracle up close.

Then go to Mexico, Tixtla. (Many of our students are of Mexican heritage)

Then allow the students to choose a country and city of choice.

Eucharistic miracle occurs everyday, at every holy mass across the world, when the substance of bread and wine is transformed into the substance of Jesus’ body and blood.